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tv   [untitled]    August 2, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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we could get a staff report to show what is there, even if it is almost nothing. it is certainly not a factor in this case. commissioner sugaya: we have talked about this about this before. the majority of stuff that goes on in the stores is the selling a product. increasingly now food and drinks and that sort of thing. walgreen's in my neighborhood has bananas and apples. you might as well not go to the supermarket any more. i am fine with it because -- i may not be fine with it, even though there was a walgreen's there before. if we could concentrate the use or limit the use to pharmaceuticals and drugs and that kind of thing, then maybe i would be more sympathetic to it,
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but the fact that we have discussed this before -- especially commissioner miguel was interested in seeing if the department could come up with a way to control this type of use. commissioner antonini: on the other side of the colon, pharmacies like this to provide a lot of services in many neighborhoods that are lacking. there may be a situation where you do need and apple later at night and you could go into the walgreen's where they're either is no grocery store or the grocery store that is their is not open in those hours. it is a fine balance, but since we do not have as many of the traditional pharmacies that have a few sundry items and more -- we have a few 5 and 10 cents
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stores left in the city which serve a purpose -- it is nice to go somewhere a little later in the night to pick up some duct tape if you need it and the hardware store has been closed for four hours. i mean, it serves a purpose. >> i will chime in for a little bit. last week, there was a papa john's pizza and included a page with the 8-blocks of retail. this particular project is sort of a replacement. i feel this is a sort of one-to- one replacement, so i am in support. commissioner moore: at the core of commissioner sugaya's
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comment, president fong and i share a great respect for san francisco entrepreneurial businesses. the possibility of the store competing with every other small entrepreneurial store on the block is of great concern to me. that includes buying the tape and buying the apple at night because that is really the strength of the stores in these neighborhoods, who we do not want to be affected by approving this project. moor--commissioner fong: any otr comments or questions? >> i do not have a motion. commissioner antonini: i would move to approve. commissioner wu: second. >> commissioners, the motion on
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the floor is for approval. commissioner antonini: aye. moorcommissioner moore: aye. >> the motion passes unanimously. >> also noting that while it is coming further out of conformity with the rear yard requirement, it is closer into requirement with open space requirements and is improving usable open space for approximately 1/3 of the units in the building. that is all from the one. commissioner fong: the commission will take a 10-minute break. >> the commission is taking a 10-minute recess. thank you.
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